growing vegetables in New Jersey

Growing Vegetables in New Jersey

Growing Vegetables in New Jersey

When it comes to growing vegetables in New Jersey then be aware that you only have a very limited season to grow them in. Right now it is the end of February as I write this and everything is still frozen solid.

Growing Vegetables In New Jersey

If you are new to the region from outside of the US the very short growing season here may shock you. In the UK you might be starting tomatoes in March, in NJ you will be looking at around May time before planting them, and by the end of September the growing season has finished and winter sets in very suddenly.

However do not let this put you off growing vegetables in New Jersey as it is not called the garden state for nothing. You will find that when you do get to plant tomatoes outside they will grow frighteningly fast due to the long, warm summer days where a good summer can see temps in the high 90s day after day.

When growing vegetables in New Jersey you need to factor into account they are going to need a lot of water. If you forget to water seedlings and it hits 100 degrees f in the daytime, you will lose your entire crop overnight. I recommend using a ‘leaky’ hose on a timer to water your plants as this makes sure that you will never forget to water them yourself.

Everything you can plant elsewhere in the World you can within reason plant in NJ. Just be aware that come the start of the growing season you need to be ready to get planting, as if you leave it for two weeks then you could see the onset of winter before your longer growing vegetables are ready to eat.

The main factor to also be aware of if you are new to growing vegetables in New Jersey, is that you will not have any problems with slugs or snails as they do not seem to exist here. However you will have to combat the large numbers of deer and rabbits and even Squirrels that will eat your crops if you do not have netting around them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Many a New Jersey gardener has learnt this the hard way.

Just remember that whilst rabbits may not get to vegetables planted in pots or window boxes deer will easily be able to reach them.

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