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Marrow Pests And Diseases

Marrows are quite a good plant to grow as they do not require the high temperatures of a lot of their counterparts in the squash and cucumber families. They are susceptible to some pests and diseases but correct planting and care can solve most problems. The advantage with the crop is that the plant grows quickly and reduces the chances of sustaining serious damage to the crop.

Probably the biggest problem is slugs and snails when the plants are small, remove any that are seen by hand and put down traps to catch them prior to reaching the plants. Put under glass or cloches if there is a problem that cannot be solved until they get a little bigger.

Aphids can collect on them and this should be washed off with soapy water.

Red spider mites may get on the plant but should cause only limited damage.

They can be susceptible to powdery mildew and this can be treated, remove the leaves and spray with a fungicide or a resistant seed obtained in future. The crop should be ready before too much damage is done.

Mosaic virus can affect the plants as in cucumbers and other squashes and it will cause mottling and stunted growth. The plant should be removed and destroyed as there is no real cure. Resistant seed can be bought.

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