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Pea Pests And Diseases

Peas can be a very good crop but they require careful attention in the early stages and the weather can make a great deal of difference.

Slugs and snails can be a serious problem when the seedlings are very small and they will decimate the crop, protect the crop be covering with canes laid on the ground or with a pea net and set slug traps.

Powdery mildew can get all over the plants and it will spread from plant to plant. It will reduce and destroy the crop. Remove damaged plants and try a resistant seed in future.

Fusarium Wilt will cause stunted growth and wilting of the plant it is a fungus based in the soil so it starts from the base up. Remove damaged plants and destroy. Rotate the crops and use a resistant variety in future. Correct watering procedure can help stop the problem from occurring.

Aphids both of the pea and other varieties are regular problems, they can generally be removed by soapy insecticides or soapy water washes. Ladybirds are very good natural predators and they can be attracted to the plot by planting some flowers near the crop.

In some countries particularly some USA states there is a pea weevil or bean weevil that will feed on the leaf edges and cause damage. These should be picked off by hand and destroyed, sometimes shaking the plants can reduce a large infestation but make sure they do not remain on the floor.

There are several other fungal and virus problems and these can really be dealt with in the same way as the mildew or fusarium wilt problems.

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