Preparing A Swimming Pool For Winter

Preparing A Swimming Pool For Winter

Preparing A Swimming Pool For Winter

Preparing A Swimming Pool For Winter

Well hopefully you’ve had a great summer season with your swimming pool but if autumn is approaching then it’s time to think about winterising your swimming pool. Follow these simple tips to make sure your swimming pool is trouble free throughout the winter period.

Firstly the big decision – do you empty your swimming pool or keep it full in winter? Well this is a personal choice and can also depend on whether you have an in-ground pool or an above ground swimming pool.

For an above ground pool: –

Prior to emptying the pool check the drainage you have in mind is working! If not and you set the pool emptying you could create a flood, and even flood your property. Never go out whilst leaving a pool draining for this reason!

Before you empty it then scrub the walls and the floor of the pool one last time. Clean the ladder at the same time. Then set the pool draining but stop it at the halfway point, this will take a while so remove the ladder at this time, and deflate and put away any swimming pool toys.

Begin to backwash the pool filter to remove excess debris. When the level has dropped sufficiently then remove the filter assembly and thoroughly rinse it.

If you are going to leave the remaining water in the pool then you will super chlorinate the remaining pool water with a double measure of ‘shock treatment’. Do this late on in the day as it gets towards the evening as sunlight can effect the chlorine. Finally add a double measure of algecide to ensure no algae builds up in the pool.

Remove all external hoses and drain them, place caps over the hose outlets, then disconnect the power

Finally thoroughly wash and scrub the pool cover before securing it over the pool for winter.

For an in ground pool: –

Closing down an in-ground swimming pool requires even more care than an above ground one, with specific tasks to be done in a specific order.

First you will need to lower the water level in the pool to below the skimmers (And jets if you have them) and any decorative tiles if the area you live in is prone to freezing. Use the backwash system on your pump to cleant the water filter and reduce the water level in your swimming pool.

Then you will need to tackle the water itself. Make sure that the pool waters pH level is between 7.4 and 7.6 just like in normal use. Then add approximately 1lb of pool shock per 10,000 gallons of water in the pool. Mix the pool shock in a bucket with water prior to pouring it into the pool water. Leave the pump filtration system on for an hour or two to allow the pool shock to reach all areas of the pool until the chlorine level settles out at 3 ppm, before adding a double dose of algecide.

Draining everything – remove all the hoses going to and from your in-ground swimming pool, and drain the water from the pump, filtration system and heating system, remembering to leave out any drainage bungs but store them safely for use in summer. Allow as much water to drain out as possible. Then add antifreeze to all the tubes and cap the ends of them off. Take off all skimmer baskets, & wall fittings.

Lastly give your pool a good clean before putting on its winter cover, and then keep a careful eye that the cover remains in place over winter and brush off any heavy snow. Doing this will ensure that your swimming pool is winterised correctly, and that things will be easy when it comes to preparing a swimming pool for summer.

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