What Vegetables To Plant In December

What Vegetables To Plant In December

What Vegetables To Plant In December

Sadly December is one of the quietest months in the garden when it comes to growing your own vegetables, which is no bad thing as for many of us the weather is awful outside and many of us are spending time preparing for Christmas. There are still a few things that you can plant though.

Although now due to the weather when it comes to planting outdoors then you are pretty much limited to the hardier varieties of broad beans, which can be planted now for an early spring crop. You could also try a hardy variety of peas, just make sure to remember you cover them with anti-bird netting straight away, as birds will be searching for any food they can at this time of year, and they will eat your seed peas before you even know they have gone if you leave them without any netting even for just a few hours at this time of year.

You can set a mushroom kit growing indoors in a cool dark place, these can be bought from most good gardening stores, and you can be picking your first mushrooms in as little as two weeks. The best type of kits are the ones that come complete with the mushroom compost in a plastic tray with the mushroom spawn already pre-grown, rather than the kits that require you to grow the spawn, which can take several weeks to do. Or you can try using a mushroom log by using mushroom plugs that you can buy from specialists, which consist of small plugs that are simply tapped in to holes drilled in a freshly cut log (Not from a citrus tree though). These type of logs will take several months for the first crop of mushrooms to come through but will then give a crop 2 to 3 times a year for five years, and can be used to grow specialist mushrooms such as shitake ones.

Inside you can plant virtually all types of herbs on a nice sunny windowsill making them an ideal project for those with limited garden space or for kids to grow.

As ever, winter salads can be set growing, making sure that you sow a new crop every 2 to 3 weeks to ensure that you get a continuous supply over the winter months. Lambs lettuce is the ideal variety to grow.

Indoors or inside the green house you can grow onions from seed, whilst they can be temperamental to grow, and they will grow slowly, they will be of sufficient size to plant out as “onion sets” by the time next spring comes around.

Lastly for this month then you may consider taking some time to learn how to grow fruit as virtually all types of berry plants from blueberries to strawberries can be planted now ready to give a crop next summer. You may think it is too cold to plant fruit trees, but most fruit including strawberries actually needs cold weather to kick start the fruit bushes growth.

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