What Vegetables To Plant In July

What Vegetables To Plant In July

What Vegetables To Plant In July

Well as I mentioned last month, tomatoes, they should be getting very close to being ripe enough to eat now if you got them planted nice and early on in the season.

If you also planted gherkins last month from seed then they should also be big enough to put in pots outside now. They should begin giving off fruit in late summer. Pick them small and pickle the ones you do not use for use in winter.

Herbs – They well all year round but are well suited to the summer months as they grow faster particularly rapid growing types such as coriander, and basil. Basil is great for growing inside on a windowsill as it does not like a lot of wind outside.

Talking of windowsill, then cress and alfa alfa grow incredibly rapidly and are a great addition to live up those summer salad crops, as are chives.

If you have room then get a second crop of runner beans or french beans in if you have the space. If it is looking like a hot summer, you will still be picking them off in late september/early october.

Again july is another month to keep planting lettuce every two weeks, as at over £1 per bag in the shops this can save you a fortune, with a £1 packet of seeds giving 1,000 lettuce plants.

Keep an eye on any pak choi that you have planted, as you do not want it bolting and ruining the taste. It grows fast and so you can plant it every 3 weeks to get a continuous crop.

When it comes to planting peas you need to get your last crop in by the end of July to avoid them being hit by frosts.

Also thinking forwards to winter then you can sow perpetual spinach this month for a late autumn or early winter crop.

Whilst radishes are an acquired taste (I did not like them until I started growing my own, as the difference in flavour when eaten fresh to shop bought ones has to be tried to be believed) if you plant them every few weeks in july they will be a great addition to your salads. They grow fast too so expect to get your first crop of radishes within a month of planting.

When it comes to other salad crops then also keep up planting spring onions on a regular basis, a handful costs a £1 in the shops so they are another great money saving salad crop to grow. They are easy to look after, they just need lots of water.

Lastly it is still not too late to plant turnips from seed this month.

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