What Vegetables To Plant In May

What Vegetables To Plant In May

What Vegetables To Plant In May

Well so by now its may and Summer is very much upon us, and by now you should have tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, chillies and peppers well under way.

When it comes to Sweet corn plants they should now be well under way outside, they like a sunny position but the small plants do not cope with wind until they are larger and in a group act to deflect the wind.

French beans and Broad beans should now be well advanced outside as they need a couple of months more than runner beans to get going. All three of these plants thrive on getting a good dosing of rain water, and if it does not rain in may then water them at least every other at the base of the plants particularly if is sunny.

Lettuce? Well if like us you get through a bag a day then keep planting a few trays each week, for subsequent planting out in the ground. Whilst lettuce initially does very well sown in trays indoors, it reaches a point when in trays it simply stops growing any larger, yet transplant it into soil outside and it will be 3 or 4 times the size within a week or less. On hot days water lettuce at the base to avoid leaf burn.

It is not too late to think about planting carrots, parsnips, or peas in rows outside, just remember to keep planting them regularly to ensure a steady crop later on in the year, and do not forget netting above them to keep the birds off of them.

So there you are, plenty of info on what vegetables to plant in May, with Summer being just around the corner. Indeed if you get spring onions in to the ground or containers now they will give a good crop rapidly.

Yet then again we are already having to think of Winter and so think about planting about cabbages and cauliflowers outside, brussel sprouts can also now be planted outside. When it comes to salads for Winter even though Summer is just upon us then think about sowing some Lambs lettuce for early Winter.

Turnips, swede and swiss chard and pak choi can also still be set growing now.

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