What Vegetables To Plant In November

What Vegetables To Plant In November

What Vegetables To Plant In November

Well we are heading towards the middle of winter now and whilst the weather is firmly against us there is still quite a bit that we can do to keep those restless green fingers going over the winter months.

Indoors on a sunny windowsill or in the green house/cloches we can still sow various varieties of winter lettuce, it does grow much slower now but you can still grow enough to help keep those supermarket food bills down. Also you can grow salad condiments such as cress and alfa alfa, which will be ready to start using within 7 to 10 days of planting out. All you need to get them going is a small plastic container (those supermarket mushrooms come in are ideal) some tissue paper, seeds and some water. Simply put the tissue paper down inside the container, water it and then scatter the cress or alfa alfa seeds on to it. Keep the tissue paper moist every day and it will be ready to eat within days. Ideal for the kids to grow all year round as well.

When it comes to planting outside as I said at the start the weather is our worst enemy, with November often being a month to bring the first harsh frosts and even snow in northerly areas. However you can easily plant spring onions (We love them as you can virtually plant them every month) under glass, in a green house or glass cloches. Likewise you do the same with Pak choi, which you can plant every 3 to 4 weeks to get a continuous crop. Pak choi is very versatile as you can use the leaves in salads, and the main root of it can also be roasted or fried – Very good in Chinese food.

When it comes to vegetables that you can plant directly in to the ground outside then hardy varieties of peas and broad beans can be planted in November, but you are likely to have to buy them online from a specialist as your average gardening store will not stock them. If planted in November then both of these will give a crop early next year.

Note: Make sure that you have plenty of netting over your peas from the minute you plant them, as if not the birds will have had all of them out of the ground by the next day. Forget this at your peril – It is a season when birds are looking for all the food they can get.

Like October it is an ideal time to plant winter onion sets and garlic. Spring cabbage and cauliflower should now be big enough and hardened enough to remove the cloches from them.

If you like growing mushrooms then now is the time to set up a “Mushroom log” outside, which you setup by taking a log (not one from a conifer tree) and drilling holes in it to put your mushroom plugs in to. You can buy specialist mushroom plugs online and they come with all the instructions needed to set up your mushroom log.

Lastly if fruit is your thing then strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and gooseberries can all be planted this month. If you have never considered fruit before then visit my section on how to grow fruit.

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