What Vegetables To Plant In October

What Vegetables To Plant In October

What Vegetables To Plant In October

Well you can sow winter lettuce such as lambs lettuce, or arctic king indoors or in your greenhouse. Both these types of lettuce can be grown virtually all year round, with arctic king being good for salads in particular.

As ever herbs can be grown all year round, although in October you will need to grow them inside particularly if you are growing them from seed. Basil, chive, parsley, dill and coriander are ideal to plant out on a nice sunny windowsill right now. Herbs take nominal effort to look after yet if you use a lot of them, growing them yourself can be one of the biggest cost saving measures that you can do. The ability to dry out most

You can plant a variety of autumn carrots in your greenhouse or outside under cloches. Just make sure that you pick a hardy plant variety that will grow well through the winter in order to give you a good early crop next spring.

Cauliflowers can be sown in a cold frame or small polytunnel this month. Keep them covered over and they should be ready for next spring. Spring cabbages can also now be planted outside.

As ever like herbs, spring onions in one form or another can be planted virtually all year round. Plant them in the green house or under glass and they too will be ready for spring.

Outside you can plant autumn onion sets and garlic directly in to the ground. Both should be ready in time for next summer. Of note is that garlic grows particularly well in containers as well as in raised beds.

A hardy variety of broad beans such as auqadulce claudia can be planted direct in to the soil, to get a very early crop for next year. Although note that you will have to find a specialist seed seller to buy these from.

So as you can see there is a lot that you can plant in October, particularly if you have a green house, mini-polytunnel or cloches. Thus utilising space that would otherwise remain empty until you started planting vegetables again next year.

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