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When it comes to container gardening one of the best things about it is it is cheap to get going as you can start with just a couple of old flower pots, indeed some of the best container gardeners have blagged all of their pots from relatives or friends at work, as so many people just have them lying around.

However there will be somethings that you may have to buy such as a mini raised bed, this is because the majority of garden centres still do not stock raised bed kits, this despite them being one of the fastest growing areas of gardening.

So for all the bits you will need to get your container garden up and running I would say the best place to buy container gardening supplies at the minute is online.

container gardening
There are many online companies now dedicated to providing container gardening supplies that offer a "One stop shop" where you can buy everything you need to get going, and if you are starting from scratch and have the money to do so there is a lot be said for buying one of the many container garden starter kits that are now on sale. These come with everything you need to get going in one big box. This means you save money on carriage costs compared to ordering from 6 different suppliers.

These container garden kits come with everything you need to get going from containers, compost and seeds or several plug plants (Best option to get things growing fast).

Or if you want to start very simply all you need to get going is a container, compost, seeds and a small watering can. You can find seeds to swap with other people on one of the many online gardening forums. So if you have not used all you have bought then do a seed swap with them.

When it comes to getting compost and containers then why not join your local "Freecycle" organisation, and post a free "Wanted" advert. These organisations cover the whole of the UK and you will probably get a few offers within days.

Also local council recycling sites often sell cheap compost from recycled household waste.

So as you can see the great thing about container gardening is it is very cheap, if not free to get started with it. I would recommend buying plug plants which come in the post and have already been started as seedling and are easy to plant. This will give you a head start if this is your first experiment with container gardening - try it!

By Richard Allen -

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