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Choosing A Summerhouse

Choosing your summerhouse should be a relatively straightforward process provided that you actually know what you want from it and donít buy just based on price alone such as when you see a good deal at your local summerhouse and shed store.

Indeed you want to avoid being swept along in the sales process and buying something that is too big or unsuitable for your needs, just because it is cheap or on sale. As if you get the decision wrong then you could end with a summerhouse that is far too big for your garden and dominate it, or one that does not satisfy your requirements as it is too small or too big. Just remember that the summerhouse you purchase is going to remain the same size you, as you cannot easily add on to it or reduce it in size without major structural work. Indeed to make such changes it would probably actually be cheaper to buy another summerhouse, but that is the one thing you want to avoid doing and get it right first time.

When you go to choose your summerhouse make a note of where the sun is coming from in your garden so that you can ensure that any summerhouse you purchase has the windows in the right place, and that you measure out exactly the space that it is going in to, in order to make sure you buy one the right size. Or consider purchasing a custom made summerhouse instead, whereby you can specify the size of it as well as the window positions.

Also many people are now using summerhouses as home-based offices and whilst this is fine in summer you need to consider whether it can be adequately insulated for use all year round as in winter the summerhouse could get so cold itís unusable.

Another feature to look out for is the quality of the fittings as this is often a good indicator that the builder cares about their product, if the quality of the fittings is high. Some builders also offer summerhouses that feature double glazing which is certainly something to look out for and worth spending a little more on. You can also purchase models with thicker walls and different coloured roof tiles as optional extras.

Just make sure you never buy a summerhouse based on price alone as there are many other factors to take into consideration to make sure you buy the right model.

By Richard Allen -

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