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Make A Compost Bin

compost bins

Required: -

27 rough sawn planks size 3 feet x x4 inch

9 planks - 6 feet x x 4inch

14 16 planks 2 feet 11 inches x 3 inch x inch

6 posts 4 feet x 2 inch x 1 inch

5 planks 3 feet x 2 inch x 1 inch

a) Lay 3 posts on a flat base at 3 foot intervals, nail the 6 foot planks to their upper 3feet of the posts.

b) Nail the 3 feet planks at one end to the upper 3 feet of the remaining posts.

c) Dig 6 holes at 3 foot intervals as per picture. Fit the back posts into the holes and fill in with soil or cement into position.

d) Nail the loose ends of the two of the 3 foot planks to the corner of the back and the third to the middle vertical post to form an E shape.

e) Fit the 3 feet x 2 inch x 1 inch planks to the outer ends of the E shape to form a slot with the end post approx. inch wide on each end (3 will be needed in the middle. Ensure that the structure is fitted level and square then fill the slots with the 2 foot 11 inch planks.

f) Place reclaimed bricks at the base to form a base for the compost. As the compost fills the boxes lay a square of old backed carpet over the compost to help in to rot

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