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How To Cook French Beans Wrapped In Bacon


Serves 4 people.

24 to 30 French or green beans
4 Rashers of bacon
Cocktail sticks

french beans wrapped in bacon french beans wrapped in panchetta how to cook french beans wrapped in bacon


Take the Haricot or French beans (any green beans will do) and wash them, trim the ends off them, if you wish to present them well cut them all to the same length.

Blanch them in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain the beans and run cold water over them to stop them cooking further,

Cut the bacon rashers into 2 equal pieces, trim off the rind and fat to order, a little fat helps the cooking.

Place the bacon flat on a board place 4 or 5 beans at one end of the piece of bacon and wrap with bacon. It can be secured with a cocktail stick if necessary. It does provide more stability in cooking. Continue until you have done all 8 rolls, this will give 2 per person. If you want more just increase the numbers.

The bacon and green bean rolls are the placed into a preheated pan and cooked, turning regularly for about 3 /4 minutes or until cooked through. If you place them on a griddle they will have some nice lines across. They can be cooked without fat as the bacon will supply enough fat. They can be made into rolls earlier in the day and kept in the fridge until cooking. Serve when ready.

For a change you can use Parma Ham instead of bacon and you can use asparagus instead of green beans.

To learn how to grow french beans or how to grow asparagus

By Richard Allen -

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