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Best Ways To Buy Organic Vegetables

When it comes to buying organic vegetables there are expensive ways to do it and there are the cheap ways to do it. Just note that as ever in life very little is free and getting the cheapest of organic vegetables may involve a little effort. The first thing to say is if you are buying organic vegetables from the supermarket then you might as well just burn money. So stop buying from their today and start looking out for local farmers markets, as these are often the best place to buy cheap organic food.

However I recognise that for city dwellers that are miles from the nearest market this is not a real option. Well the next most obvious way to buy organic vegetables is to go online with many companies now supplying “Boxes” of organic vegetables, to people living in city centres.

Your “Box” will come as just that, a box of mixed organic vegetables. The size of which obviously depends on how much you are willing to pay. Often if you have paid online you do not even need to be in to take delivery, you can arrange for them to be left down the side of the house or with a neighbour etc.

These “Box” delivery services of organic vegetables are probably one of the most popular ways to buy them at a low cost, with more organic companies offering this service as they begin to recognise the huge inner city demand for organic food. The second option is to join an organic buying group in your area – This is whereby people put their collective buying power to use, and buy in bulk from a wholesaler thus getting a good price for the vegetables.

They are then split up in to boxes and distributed to the members of the buying group, just note that from time to time you will be expected to help out with this task.

The third option is to join a collective organic vegetables growing group, you do not even need a garden to join one but it obviously helps if you do have one. If you have no garden then you will be expected to help out for a few hours each month on someone else’s plot, or larger groups may have their own vegetable plot. This type of group is becoming very popular in cities, and it can even mean that your love of organic vegetables can help keep you fit and make some new friends. They most often work by one person focussing on a specific crop, hence if you have a garden your designated crop may be lettuce, but by looking after it regularly you will learn how to look after and increase the crop. Multiply this across the group with a range of vegetables and it works well.

So why not learn about Growing Organic Vegetables today. If you found this article useful then read more about Buying Cheap Organic Vegetables as well as my vegetable calendar giving advice on exactly what vegetables to plant month by month, ideal for those new to vegetable gardening. Privacy Policy

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