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Buying Organic Vegetables Online

Do you want to buy organic vegetables but find yourself unable to get the time to drive out to a farm shop to buy them? Or find that your local farmers market is only on whilst you are at work? Or you may even live in a cosmopolitan city centre and not even have a farmers market or farm shop within miles of you.

If this sounds like you, then you will know how frustrating it can be to get hold of organic vegetables. You could grow your own organic vegetables but if you live in a city you may well live in a flat with no garden to grow vegetables in. So what are your options?

Well you could go to your local supermarket, as most now have a small range of organic vegetables in stock, but often the cost can be prohibitive with their organic ranges being up to 25% more than normal varieties. Sadly this is done for a reason and that is to make you think that organic vegetables are expensive, however they are not, this pricing is done by supermarkets to put you off buying them by making you think organic vegetables are expensive.

So if you lead a busy life is the most logical thing to do to buy them online?

Firstly we do not sell online, but we do recognise that for many people it is the best option when it comes to buying fresh organic vegetables. Indeed when writing this one of the key things I wanted to highlight is that when buying online the chances are that the vegetables that you order today that will be delivered tomorrow will most likely been taken out of the ground the day your ordered, unlike the bag of salad you bought today in the supermarket, which was probably picked 5 days ago.

So this is a key factor in why you should order online, also it saves time, and with the price of fuel these days even a £5 delivery charge can be a bargain. If you order online then often it is far faster then going to the supermarket as well.

You may need to do some shopping around though as whilst many online organic vegetable suppliers offer similar prices then be savvy and look at what surcharges they may apply. Ideally find one that does not require you to be in at the time of delivery, vegetables left outside for a few hours in general are not going to cause you any problems.

So find an organic vegetable supplier that is happy to leave them down the side of your house or with a neighbour and you will not go far wrong. Finding a supplier that offers delivery timeslots is fine but finding one that has flexible delivery options e.g. “Leave the vegetables in my shed” is far better. As I say we do not sell organic vegetables we just aim to help you buy the cheapest ones, so use the Internet and shop around, that is what it is there for.

So give organic vegetables a try today. If you found this article useful then why not find out more about Buying Cheap Organic Vegetables as well as learning about How To Grow Organic Vegetables as well as my vegetable calendar giving advice on exactly what vegetables to plant month by month, ideal for those new to vegetable gardening.

By Richard Allen -

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