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Reasons To Eat Organic Vegetables

Now more than ever is a good time to grow organic vegetables, as most worryingly independent surveys estimate that around 50% of all vegetable produce sold in your local supermarket is in someway genetically modified. Whilst it would appear that there is no immediate risk to your health, no one has looked at the long term problems that eating such vegetables may bring. So why take the risk with your health and make a move to using organic vegetables instead?

One reason to consider going down the organic vegetable route is to consider that many large farms no longer use traditional crop rotation methods, instead they rely on chemicals to maintain soil quality along with multiple sprayings of various pesticides to keep the vegetables free from pests and diseases. These chemicals penetrate deeply in to the vegetables via the leaves, none more so than in the case of salad crops.

So what does this mean to you the consumer? Well firstly there is the vegetable taste issue. Try growing your own lettuce at home and then compare the taste of it to a shop bought lettuce. You will quite literally taste the difference with the shop bought one almost tasting of chemicals. We all get so use to eating food treated with pesticides that you only notice the difference when you try eating organic food instead.

Secondly there is the health issue, you would not drink pesticide on its own would you? So why are you eating vegetables with it in? Many of these pesticides are on their own, known carcinogens, which can cause cancer. Others affect the hormone or endocrine systems according to the Environmental Protection Agen

Then there is a misconception that organic vegetables are more expensive, and indeed in some supermarkets this is the case, but pre-dominantly it is probably done so you buy the cheaper variety that is mass produced, and even though it is cheaper, makes the supermarket more money.

It is not true that organic vegetables are more expensive, a trip to a weekly farmers market or one of the many organic farm shops that are springing up will soon disprove this myth. The reasons why supermarkets price their organic vegetable ranges at higher prices is so that you have the misconception that organic vegetables costs you more. They just do not want you buying your vegetables from a farmers market, as it is less profit for them. It really is that simple.

So give organic vegetables a try today. If you found this article useful then why not read my step by step guide on How To Grow Organic Vegetables or find out how to go about Buying Cheap Organic Vegetables or see my vegetable calendar giving advice on exactly what vegetables to plant month by month, ideal for those new to vegetable gardening, as well as my "how to" growing guides.

By Richard Allen -

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