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Buying Cheap Organic Vegetables

Do you love organic vegetables but find that they are too expensive? Well with a bit of research you can enjoy the great taste of organic vegetables without breaking the bank.

Firstly whilst your local supermarket may stock organic vegetables, it is probably the single most expensive place you could wish to buy them, the reason for this is supermarkets want to put you off buying them as they actually make less profit than on their cheaper goods, which they buy in bulk at a much lower price. So stop shopping there for organic goods today!

The best places to source organic vegetables are specialty delis, farmers markets, farm shops and even car boot sales! Other good places to buy them from are local co-operative groups that grow them, although often to do this you will have to join one and get your hands dirty helping out planting and looking after the vegetables.

Shopping around can really pay off and these days you only need to look to the Internet to buy cheap organic vegetables, with many organic suppliers offering a box service, whereby you pay a fixed price for a box containing a variety of vegetables. These are great if you live in a city and there is no farmerís market or farm shop in sight.

Sometimes organic vegetables can seem expensive but only if you do not shop around for the best deal. It can take more time and effort but in general the food quality outweighs the downsides. Most people are happy paying a bit more for organic produce but do not want to pay double. Shopping around for organic food normally means you will only end up paying a few pence more for the privilege of eating great tasting food.

For the very cheapest produce then look for people with honesty tables of produce outside of their houses, or go to car boot sales, which can often result in some really low priced organic goods. Buying things when they are in season and then freezing them is also a good way to keep the cost down, and then use the frozen ones when they are out of season.

Joining an organic buying club is also a good idea as by buying in bulk, collectively you are able to get them at a very good price.

Alternatively you could simply look towards growing your own vegetables if you have the space. Indeed many people even in inner cities are now growing lots of vegetables in containers. Just remember that to be organic you have to grow everything without normal pesticides and without using man made fertilizers.

So give organic vegetables a try today. If you found this article useful then why not find out more Reasons To Eat Organic Vegetables or read my step by step guide on How To Grow Organic Vegetables if you fancy growing your own organic vegetables.

By Richard Allen -

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