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How To Grow Grapefruits

Unlike some citrus plants grapefruit is relatively easy to grow from seed. Indeed all you need to do is save the seed pips from your next grapefruit. Once you have thoroughly washed them, leave them soaking in warm water for half an hour prior to planting them out.

You can plant the grapefruit seeds directly in to potting compost. Ensure that the compost remains damp but not overly wet. Keep the seedlings store in a warm location such as on a Sunny windowsill. Once the grapefruit seeds have germinated and grown to around 3 to 4 inches in height they will be strong enough to be repotted in to a larger 6 or 8 inch plastic pot. Ensure that the compost is always damp, but not too wet as like most citrus fruits they like to be in well drained soil.

I did mention that you can grow grapefruit from seed but you should always purchase a grapefruit variety suited to your area. To produce sweet grapefruits you do need very hot summers. Alternatively you can buy a small grapefruit plant and plant it straight into your garden.

When your grapefruit plant hits around 12 inches in size, then plant it outside in a warm, sunny area with well drained soil. Ideally plant your grapefruit plant near a south facing brick wall, as the plant will benefit greatly from reflected heat. Water your grapefruit deeply once every seven to ten days in Summer (Note: recently planted grapefruit may need watering more often until they are more established). Water less often if it has rained or if the temperature is cooler.

Caring for your Grapefruit trees

Apply 2 to 3 inches of organic mulch to the plant once planted in the ground as this will help keep moisture in. You should use a liquid fertilizer every four to six weeks from February through to August. You will need to protect your grapefruit tree from frost in Winter, by using a fleece blanket to wrap it in.

Pick your grapefruits when they taste sweet enough. This will vary depending on the climate you are growing them in.

Grapefruit Growing Tips

If you lie in an area where the Summers are not very hot, then plant Oroblanco or Melogold grapefruit, as these will produce sweet fruit even in cooler temperatures. If your grapefruits do not seem to want to sweeten, then simply leave them on the grapefruit tree for longer. To help prevent diseases then leave a few inches of bare earth between the trunk of the grapefruit tree and the mulch. This will keep the grapefruit trees trunk dryer and thus help prevent disease.

By Richard Allen -

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