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How To Grow Star Fruit

Well if you like growing fruit but want to try something different from just growing a plain old Apple tree and would like to try something more exotic. Then why not consider growing a star fruit tree?

They have their roots in Asia, and grow to be a medium sized tree of 25 to 30ft tall. As their name suggests that fruit that they grow are star shaped, at least they are when they are cut open! The fruit should be picked when they are between three and six inches long (But no more than six inches).

Despite being classed by most of us as an exotic fruit, they are relatively easy to grow, so long as you live in a relatively warm climate. In Northern Europe you could attempt to grow one inside a conservatory but it would struggle given the drop in temperature at night in Winter, and given their size of 20ft or more when fully mature they would prove unmanageable.

However if you live in a warmer climate, with a high humidity level, such as Southern Europe, or further afield then try growing a star fruit tree as follows: -

A star fruit tree can be grown from the seed of fruit bought from your supermarket or green grocer. Once you have removed the seeds from the fruit they should be washed and dried prior to planting, however this should be done as soon as possible, as if you leave the seed lying around for days afterwards prior to planting for whatever reason its chances of germination will decrease.

Indeed it is best to plant a larger number of seeds than not as the overall germination ratio of the star fruit seeds is very low.

Plant them in a mixture of compost and fresh damp moss in 4-inch pots. They should begin to germinate in around 7 days, moving to 14 days in Winter. Once the seedlings are around 4 to 6 inches in height they can then be planted directly into the ground. You will need to ensure that they are protected from the cold in the early days of planting as well as protected from rodents such as rabbits, who can destroy young plant overnight.

Now for the long wait. Your star fruit tree will take around 4 to 5 years to reach maturity and to start producing fruit. However once it reaches maturity the star fruit tree will flower around 4 times per year and produce fruit after each flowering. They will produce their largest crop in Summer with other crops coming in December and March (Approximately, although this will vary on where you live).

By Richard Allen -

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