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If you live in a tropical climate, then you can grow lime trees very easily. However, if like most of us you live in an area that get Winters as well as Summers a little more work will be needed.

When it comes to growing lime trees then you have two options: - Either grow one from a seed or buy a pre-planted lime tree on the Internet. It is highly unlikely that your nursery will stock lime trees unless you live in a very warm area.

Growing a lime tree from seed is as easy – Simply place them in damp compost and keep them warm whilst they germinate. Your problem will be finding somewhere that sells limes with seeds in them as many are now bred to be seedless.

In either case you will want to plant your lime tree or sapling in a 5 gallon pot. Fill it with the lightest potting compost you can or you may have trouble if you need to move it. You should treat it with a nitrogen based fertilizer every other month. Choose a nice sunny position in your garden to place the lime tree in. Do not plant it in the ground as you will have problems with the roots if you need to move the lime tree inside in Winter.

You will need to water the lime tree regularly but like any citrus tree it likes well draining soil, as overwatering will kill a lime tree virtually overnight. You will need to bring the lime tree indoors when the outdoor temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit regularly. Sit it in the sunniest position possible, ideally in a conservatory if you have one. Rotate the lime tree every week, as this will help distribute the sunlight on the tree.

Over Winter it is a good idea to give it extra light, and this can be doen by the use of “Daylight” lamps placed around the lime tree at night, or even use white Christmas tree lights threaded though the tree to give it the extra light it needs until Summer.

Your lime tree should start bearing fruit in just a couple of years. Even the leaves can be used in cooking. Keep the lime trees branches pruned back, as not only will this help keep it to a manageable size, but it will help to give a better crop. Just note that Lime Trees and not self pollinating so you will need to place it outside at some point if you want it to grow fruit.

By Richard Allen -

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