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How To Grow Lemons

When it comes to Lemon trees you have two choices, grow a lemon tree from seed, or buy one of the dwarf varieties of lemon tree.

Growing from seed is easy and just requires you to place the seed in damp compost much like you would germinate any other plant. However if you do this then you maybe in for a surprise as seed grown lemon trees are often a gamble when it comes to height, as you may end up needing a 15-20 foot high ceiling!

So if you are serious about growing a lemon tree then consider lemon trees that are sold for growing in containers e.g. dwarf varieties, such as the Meyer lemon. Also Meyer lemon trees are hardier than other lemons, and higher cropping. During warm Summers, you can place them outside to get real sunlight.

Tips For Growing Lemon Trees

When purchasing your lemon tree from a nursery, aim for a plant that is at least 2 to 3 years old. They should be maintained to be 3 to 5 feet tall. They prefer a slightly acidic soil like a lot of citrus trees. Temperature wise they will grow the best between 70 degrees during the day, and dropping down to 55 degrees at night. Note: At below 54 degrees they will go in to a semi-dormant state and growth will be dramatically reduced.

Like most citrus trees, lemon trees just love sunlight, the more the better, so place your lemon tree in full sun in a southerly position for best growth results. Lemon trees need lots of sunlight to be at their best. They need around 12 hours of light even in Winter, so this means that you may have to invest in some “Daylight” light bulbs to use in during the shorter Winter days.

Like most other citrus plants you just want to keep the soil evenly moist, but not over watered (As over watering is one of the fastest ways to kill a lemon tree). Also wipe the leaves over with a wet cloth twice a week and your lemon tree will fall in love with you. For what ever reasons they just love their leaves being wiped!

Lastly just note that whilst some lemon trees are self pollinating, not all are so you will need you to manually pollinate them or place them outside so the bees can do it for you! Overall lemon trees are one of the easiest citrus fruits to grow.

By Richard Allen -

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